Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mommy Matters rocks my socks!

I just need to spread some good loving to all the ladies at Mommy Matters in Fresno, California.
This store is super special.

Now, I come from the Bay Area and moved to central Cali after living and working in the freewheeling, crunchy, Earthy, beachy goodness of Santa Cruz for many years, and I gotta tell you, I don't even think a space like this exists in Santa Cruz.

Owners Gena and Sabrina are dedicated to women and babies. The products they sell are beautiful and practical, sometimes trendy, always devoid of cartoon characters. The classes they offer are amazing, chock full of information you probably wont find at your local hospital. Especially wonderful and highly recommended is the Lamaze class, taught by Lisa Garten. Seriously. This woman knows her stuff and her class made me so excited that I am a woman with the power and ability to give and experience birth.

Thank you Ladies!
And a special thanks to our wonderful midwife for directing me to these women! :)