Saturday, April 28, 2007

No one mentioned this stuff...

Aren't I supposed to be a jovial, bubbling pregnant lady?

Isn't the process of creating a life supposed to draw my husband and me closer together?

WhatEVER - I am the bitchiest pregnant lady ever. Yegads. I can hardly be around myself. It's like PMS x 10 to the 6th.

I am also finding it hard to deal with my husband... forget sex. Everything bothers me. The way he smells. The way he chews. The noises he makes when breathing. I bought the above product (called a Snoogle - it's absolutely fantastic) to help avoid sleeping on my back, which is supposedly no good at/after the 5th month. It has a second, even better, unadvertised benefit: it provides an effective nighttime barricade between my sleeping self and my husband. I honestly hope this is just temporary, pregnancy induced insanity. Though, from what I've read, the sex thing isn't going to get too much better once baby is born.

I have also made the startling and somewhat disturbing self discovery that not only have I turned into my mother, but I appear to be barreling headlong into my father's particular personality quirks.

I'm telling you, I am more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

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