Monday, September 17, 2007

The wisest, most beautiful thing anyone has recently said to me

I wrote to Rachel P.S., dearest friend in the universe, mother of two, and had what I called a "pity party" over an email regarding my emotionally delicate state. Her response was so perfect, so wonderful, so full of wisdom and love that I just have to share it.

But first, Thank you Rachel. I appreciate this more than you know.

"There is no such thing as a pity party in a slightly distressed 41-42 week pregnant woman. The baby is not coming because the baby knows it's birthday and will not budge nor tempt fate with any attempts to join us (excited though we all are) any sooner. Baby is wise. Baby will not loose it's head when all others are losing theirs. Do not feel any guilt over this delay. Firstly, it isn't a delay because the birth day is already decided and everyone else is wrong for thinking such things could be assessed by counting days, minutes, time and space. You'll feel guilty any way because you are a mother now and that is the reality for the rest of our lives. But the good news is you are a great mother and doing the very best by your baby by providing a safe and warm womb to sit and mature until ready to emerge. You are doing the best by your baby by not being pushy mum and injecting his little world with false hormones to force him to act. You are being a good mother by not internalising your hurt and putting on a brave face. Crying gets the sadness out of your and baby's body.

You will not be pregnant much longer so enjoy it. The oneness you have right now entirely magical and you're on the precipace of the greatest change in your life. Embrace the awe and wonder of what you have achieved already and wholly amazing things you will achieve in the coming days, months and years. Everyone else can twitch with anxiety and anticipation but you and your baby know better than them that you will go from one to two when you are both ready.

I love you.
Speak soon."

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Birdie said...

Came over from MDC. I love her response! Its totally perfect and made me feel better too!